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Corporate Medical Emergency TraininG!

Here at CMET, helping people gain new skills and knowledge isn't only a commitment, but also a passion. With our wide variety of medical emergency courses, we make learning easy, affordable, and fun! Check out our site to learn about what we have to offer, and give us a call to schedule a class.


About Us

Since 1999, our small business has proudly served professionals throughout the northeast with exemplary safety training and customer service.  Proper compliance and the satisfaction of our clients are of utmost importance to us and we will standby our services throughout the process and beyond.

Corporate Medical Emergency Training strives to provide high-quality, convenient, and affordable safety training for dental and medical offices, and their employees. 

About Us


“Ken Frucci is a dynamic lead instructor with a tremendous amount of field knowledge. Extremely engaging in lectures, and training. Ken is always available and very responsive to our establishment's training and equipment needs. Highly Recommended.” 

—  Jonell Quinones, Clubhouse Manager/Safety Operations

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Owner, head instructor, and retired EMT-P  

After 12 years as a New York City EMT, Ken opened Corporate Medical Emergency Training in 2000, with a vision to continue saving lives through his safety training business. Today, that vision is a reality! At CMET, Ken continues his lifesaving work by providing dental and medical offices with the required and worthwhile medical emergency training for the past 20 years.

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Ken Frucci
Courses and Services



Respiratory Fit Testing

This course meets OSHA's requirements for employers with employees that are subject to "occupational exposure" as part of their health and dental care job responsibilities. The mandated course is designed to provide employees protection from airborne pathogens and related aerosol production. The course also provides participants with the opportunity to be fit tested for an N95 or KN95 mask and other PPE.

A female physician performning cardiover

Advanced Cardiac

Life Support

This is the required advanced emergency course for healthcare providers and oral surgeons providing sedation or medication for cardiac arrest and respiratory arrest emergencies.

girl calling emergency service for an un

CPR and First Aid

This course is designed for lay rescuers who seek certification in Automated External Defibrillation/CPR and First Aid. This class covers adult care, but we offer an additional option to provide training for pediatric treatment as well.

First aid Training by hand. First Aid co

Basic Life Support

This is the professional CPR certification required for healthcare professionals and dental professionals. This course covers all skills in CPR Requirements.

Biohazard bag with plastic bottle for sp

Bloodborne Pathogens

Course is required for healthcare professionals by state health departments and OSHA. This course covers basic infection control and how to handle an exposure incident.

Dental Assistant

Dental Services Organizations 

Are you in a Dental Services Organization and responsible for multiple offices in multiple states? Learn how our Liability Coverage OSHA/COVID 19/Dental Medical Emergencies Compliance Program covers all of your locations. Our program will provide your DSO Liability Coverage under our General Liability Insurance Coverage. We assume your liability in ensuring your compliance with training, employee exposures and dental board education mandates.

Young woman having toothache, sitting in

Dental Medical Emergencies

This class is designed for dental professionals that desire the knowledge and preparation on how to handle a medical emergency in their offices. This course covers the more common medical emergencies that can occur with dental patients and includes stabilization of pationts and management of administered medications. In New Jersey this is a required course for all dental offices by the NJ Dental Board.

Doctor holding little child's hand with

Pediatric Advanced

Life Support

Course provides the advanced emergency care for healthcare professionals who treat pediatric patients. This course covers emergency care and medication management.

HIPAA Compliance application and stethos


The HIPPA course is designed for dental and healthcare practices to train staff on the new guidelines for Protected Health Information and patient privacy. This course covers the recommended steps and policies for safeguarding and shows the updated HIPPA forms that practices should be using.

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ALL of our classes and services are provided at the client's location

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